How To Reach Your Goals


Did you know that most people set a goal like, “Lose 20lbs” and just leave it at that.  


But, goal setting isn’t quite that simple.  In fact, there is a strategy involved with goal setting. 


For example, a random “passive goal” such as “Lose 20lbs” puts you at the mercy of outside forces — like your bathroom scale or how your clothes fit.


On the other hand, a proactive “action-based goal” puts you fully in charge of accomplishing the end result.  



Here’s HOW a Proactive “Action-Based” Strategy Works



Let’s use the example of losing 20lbs since this is something most people can relate to. 


You can’t directly CONTROL the end result. What I mean is that it’s too oblique.  You can’t actually control “losing 20 pounds” … even if you wanted to. 


But, what you CAN control are the ACTIONS required to make it happen – such as optimizing your nutrition plan and embarking on a progressive workout regimen that increases your metabolism.  


Just DO it!



ACTION-BASED GOALS provide you with clear daily tasks as well as daily benchmarks of accomplishment. 


So, basically, if you just DO what you set out to do, you will, in fact, lose those 20lbs.


Plus, as side benefits, you’ll increase your energy, sleep better and reduce stress levels.


You can set ACTION-BASED GOALS such as:


  •   Eating a balanced, optimized meal plan and recording it
  •   Executing a consistent workout plan and tracking it
  •   Sleeping 7-8 hours a night
  •   Drinking a consistent amount of water each day


Now… reaching your ultimate goal of losing 20lbs is ENTIRELY under YOUR CONTROL!






To make it fun, you can incentivize yourself with little rewards along the way – like buying some new workout apparel, or giving yourself an Amazon gift card, or taking a boat ride.


A Proactive Strategy works and builds confidence because you have CONTROL over your ACTIONS and can see (and feel) a direct result from what you do.


The more you deploy your own proactive strategies, the better you’ll always feel … and that’s a win-win!




Take a look at any of the current goals you’ve set for yourself. 


How can you turn that into a successful ACTION-BASED GOAL to help you get there?


Break it down.  Then, write it down.  Then get it on your calendar and task list. 


And if you’re up for taking it to the next level and want some accountability, well, let’s talk!