Physician Release 2

  • 07/15/2024

    Dear Doctor,

    Please allow this letter to serve as an introduction -- and request.

    My name is BaSheba Valentine.    I own and operate iMatter100.

    Your patient, {First Name::1} {Last Name::2}, wishes to retain us in order to assist in an exercise program. Enclosed, please find a medical release form. At your earliest convenience, would you be so kind as to review it, make any specific recommendations that will benefit your patient, then, sign and send back to me?

    I've enclosed a self-addressed envelope for your convenience.

    We offer specialized training, corrective exercise, and post rehab services for clients referred by their physicians and physical therapists.

    If interested, my professional information can be found at Our goal is to provide safe and effective health and fitness programming for clients with medical conditions.

    Our programs DO NOT provide or recommend treatment for any medical conditions. Instead, our motto is: "Nutrition and exercise is the key to long-term management of most health conditions."

    If your time permits, I'd like to set-up a quick moment to meet with you and explain our programs and methods in-person.

    Meanwhile, if you have patients who you feel could benefit from our services, please feel free to contact me directly.

    Thank you for your time and consideration.


    BaSheba Valentine,
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