2X Fat Loss Accelerator – 90 Caplets | 16 Fl. Ozs.


Special Fat-Loss Combination Package for Athletes and Enthusiasts Seeking Efficient Lipid Transport and Combustion

  • Super 2-Step Fat-Loss Accelerator
  • Pre & Post Activity Protocol
  • Increases Energy Endurance
  • Decreases Muscle Fatigue
  • No Caffeine / No Stimulants


This proprietary, pre- and post-workout, 2-PACK is specifically formulated for active lifestyle enthusiasts and athletes.

Here’s why:

Active lifestyle enthusiasts, fitness trainers, health coaches, nutritionists, athletes and all health professionals understand the absolute necessity and inseparability of both regular exercise and proper nutrition.

They also understand the physiology behind body-composition and long-term, permanent weight-management.

In fact, the entire concept behind the 2X Fat-Burn Accelerator is to help your body with a process it already performs, naturally, all by itself. The process is known as“fat metabolism.”  

Are you interested in learning more about fat metabolism and how this proprietary formulation will increase your fat-burning process and push your body-composition toward “lean?”


Let’s Get Real

This lack of knowledge is EXACTLY HOW unscrupulous marketers of pills, powders and restricted calorie diets – prey on the public and separate them from their hard earned dollars with bogus products and faulty diet programs.

And, by now, you’ve already seen all the commercials that feature so-called experts, retired athletes and faded celebrities pitching all kinds of bogus products and diets.

Seems at this stage of their careers, they’ll do anything for a buck!

They, too, exploit this basic lack of knowledge on a trusting public — all too willing to believe in a “magic solution.”

So, to once-and-for-all dispel and dispose of the myths and misinformation perpetuated on TV, magazines, the internet and radio, let’s take a look at the basic physiology of how your body actually deals with fat.

How Your Body Burns Fat

Now, you have a general idea of how your body’s fuel system operates during exercise and activity.

You also know fat-burning is primarily conducted during “fat-metabolism” after the body hasdepleted its supply of ATP and Glycogen.

With that in mind, let’s discuss how this 2-part formulation actually works.

The Fat Burning Process

While, physiologically, it’s a complex process, fat-burning occurs by the breakdown of fat – followed by lipid transport through the bloodstream to muscle tissue — and ultimately, cellular permeation ofmuscle tissue where oxidation (combustion) of fat for fuel takes place.

Step #1:  Breakdown and Transport

Most people are confused about body-fat and how it’s broken down in the body. For example, some people think “sweat” is melted fat coming out of the pores of their skin.

Others believe it’s possible to “spot-reduce” specific areas where body-fat has accumulated. None of this is true.

When the body enters “fat metabolism” the fat cells are called upon to pour out their content into the bloodstream and travel to the muscle tissue where it will be burned as fuel.

Therefore, the breakdown and transport of fat (lipids) through the bloodstream is important.

And that’s what the 2X Fat-Burn Accelerator is all about!

A Simple Analogy:

So, here are a couple of simple analogies.

Open a can of soup or stew. Floating on the top are big fat globules and little fat globules. Imagine they are your body-fat traveling through the bloodstream to your muscle tissue — where they will eventually be burned as fuel.

The smaller fat globules will get there first because they travel more freely.

Here’s Another Analogy:

Think of the difference between a single kayak and a 10-person rubber raft and how each might navigate down a river. The kayak moves freely, efficiently and quickly because it’s smaller.

So… the first step of the proprietary 2X Fat-Burn Accelerator is to help your body breakdown and transport fat (lipids) more quickly and efficiently through your bloodstream to it’s final destination – muscle tissue.  All of this happens during fat metabolism.

Step #2:  Permeation and Combustion

After fat is broken down — it travels through the bloodstream to it’s final destination — muscle tissue. This is where the combustion of fat (for energy) actually takes place.

Sounds simple enough. But, it’s a little more complex than you might think.

The fat, or at this point, fatty acids must penetrate the cellular walls of the muscle tissue whereoxidation occurs (fat-burning process).

So, the final step of fat burning is in helping the fat actually permeate the cellular walls of themuscle tissue where it will be oxidized (burned for fuel).

Proprietary Pre- & Post Formulation

As you can see by the product photo, the 2X Fat-Burn Accelerator is actually two (2) formulations placed inside a tube for efficient packaging and merchandising.

Both are pre- and post workout protocol. This means taking half the dosage (pre-workout) about 20-30 minutes before you workout and then a second dose directly after (post-workout) your workout is completed.

The two proprietary formulations are:

  • Lipotropic Plus (caplets)
  • Super L-Carnitine (liquid)

Typical Usage – Pre & Post:

A typical dosage is 3 Lipotropic Caplets and 1 tablespoon of Super L-Carnitine taken 30-minutes before a cardio workout (pre).  Then, the exact same dosage directly after the workout (post).

Why after?  Because research has shown that with a raised metabolism, the body will continue to burn fat up to 4-8 hours after a workout or event.

 Lipotropic Plus:

Lipotropic Plus is all about “lipid transport” (moving fat). It’s purpose is to breakdown fat and efficiently transport it to your muscles where it will be used (burned) for energy.

This proprietary formula is scientifically-engineered to assist in the breakdown, distribution and burning (oxidation) of fatty acids.

As explained earlier, during cardiovascular exercise fatty acids arereleased from adipose tissue and are transported through the blood to the working muscles where they are utilized for energy.

This is a natural physiological action when your body enters “fat metabolism” (approximately 15-20 minutes into a cardio workout).

However, the active ingredients in Lipotropic Plus actually accelerate the fat-burning process by breaking down fat into smaller droplets (emulsification).

This breakdown or emulsification of fat droplets into smaller particles is similar to how soap breaks down grease on dishes.

Will You Get a Jittery Buzz..?

Many commercial weight-loss fat burners contain caffeine, bitter orange (a derivative of ephedra) or some other stimulant. This, of course, creates havoc on the central nervous system and agitates the body.

Somehow, people think that since their bodies are sped up that they are losing weight.They are not.

Lipotropic Plus contains no stimulants. You will not get a “buzz” or feel “jittery.” Instead, you’ll feel more naturally energized and less fatigue since your muscles are being supplied with fuel.

At a point where your quads typically feel a “burning” sensation… you’ll discover they not only don’t burn, but, feel strong and willing to go further. This is the direct result and effect of efficient “lipid transport!”



Super L-Carnitine

In technical terms, the primary function of Carnitine is to facilitate the transport of fatty acids from the cell’s cytoplasm across the mitochondria membrane to the interior of themitochondria where oxidation occurs. (Fat-burning process.)

In non-technical terms, Carnitine is the “doorman” to the Muscle Hotel.

Once fat has traveled through your bloodstream to the muscle tissue, the Super L-Carnitine Formula helps open the door — making it much easier for fat to enter the cellular areas of the muscle tissue where oxidation (fat-burning) will actually take place.

The Rate of Fat Utilization

This process increases the rate of fat utilization forfuel. This is especially advantageous when your body is in fat-metabolism.  Super L-Carnitine also helps to remove by-products of fatty acid metabolism and other toxic compounds from within the cells.

How Endurance Athletes Benefit from This Formula Combination

Endurance athletes have a particular fondness for the 2X Fat-Burn Accelerator.  And, it’s for the exact same reason that people interested in long-term weight-management like it — efficient breakdown, transport and combustion of fat.

QuadricepsFor example, at a certain point on a long ride or run, a cyclist or runner usually begins to feel a burning sensation in his or her quads due to muscle exhaustion.  This is a sign that the muscles are not being fueled.

However, when taking this proprietary formulation, the burning sensation is significantly delayed because the fuel source — fat — is efficiently being transported to the muscle tissue – thus off-setting muscle fatigue.

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